CAC for Clinicians

CAC for Clinicians

What is CAC?

CAC (Computer-Assisted coding) is a tool to help coders code more quickly and accurately, with obvious benefits for the facility. AHIMA has defined CAC as use of computer software to "read" clinical documentation and automatically generate medical codes for review and validation by a trained human coder.

How does it affect me?

The PLATOCODE CAC system can be used wherever documentation of care is mostly electronic. Often this means Ambulatory Surgery and Radiology cases, though inpatient records increasingly are electronic as well.

If you are creating records of care by dictating or any other electronic method, the PLATOCODE system will be able to process them. You do not need to use special language or headers or change the format of your notes.

The message for clinical staff is that the PLATOCODE CAC system does not interfere with your routine at all. Once the PLATOCODE CAC system is in use, you may notice some differences- such as coding professionals approaching you more often in the interests of maximizing reimbursement- but that's a good thing.