How can CAC help me?

PLATOCOD CAC helps meAt the PLATOCODE company we know how difficult Clinical Coding can be- not just for coders, but for managers, HIM Directors and CFOs needing to meet their facility's goals.

Not only do rules constantly change, by 2013 providers will be required to move from ICD-9 to ICD-CM and PCS: this involves a substantial increase in the number of codes as well as significant documentation issues for clinicians whose records may have been adequate for ICD-9 but will cause a deluge of queries come 2013.

That's why the concept of Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) is so attractive to coders and managers alike. It seems obvious that computers should be able to help coders work more quickly and accurately, leading to better claims, reduced AR days, more opportunity to prepare for ICD-10 and improved workforce management. Reduced AR alone may offer substantial benefits for many facilities.

It's also why the PLATOCODE company invented CAC in 1992. Our first CAC patent was granted in 1995 and our second in 1998- years before the CAC concept even had a name. Since then we have continued to refine and improve our systems to meet the needs of healthcare providers. We think that our experience and understanding speaks for itself and we would welcome the chance to assist you to achieve CAC benefits in your organization.