Q: what is CAC?

A: AHIMA has defined Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC) as “… use of computer software that automatically generates a set of medical codes for review, validation and use, based upon clinical documentation provided by healthcare practitioners.”

This broad definition currently includes two technology options. The first is natural language processing (NLP) and the second is structured input/decision tree models.

Both models require human supervision: NLP solutions automatically generate and offer codes for review by qualified coders whereas structured input systems may be used by caregivers, clerks or coders to walk towards an appropriate code.

PLATOCODE CAC is a NLP-type tool to assist coders to work more quickly and accurately than ever. The distinction matters because when reviewing coder productivity improvements, you need to know whether the "improvement" actually reflects coding being transferred to somebody else using a structured entry system or whether the coder really is performing the same work more quickly and accurately.