Can you do ICD-10-PCS?

Q: Can you do ICD-10-PCS?

Yes. The axes used by PCS axis are a simplified subset of the PlatoCode binary pattern. For a computer, mapping between the two is very straight-forward... the most difficult task is to ensure that axis mapping does not generate a detailed PCS code that does not (yet) exist! This remains true even for codes needing counts or an origin axis that does not form part of the declared procedure description, but is mentioned elsewhere in the detailed operation note.

Can you do ICD-10-CM including 7th digit?

Q: Can you do ICD-10-CM including 7th digit?

We've been doing ICD-10-AM (The Australian ICD-10 Modification) since 1998. ICD-10-CM has many more codes, including a 7th digit that can describe encounter timing. This 7th digit can be coded as long as clinical and/or administrative information is included in the CAC submission. PCS for US providers was added by us in 3rd-quarter 2011. Latest updates are applied as soon as they become available at the CMS website.