Q: How do I Install the PLATOCODE Viewer?

A: We supply an auto installer, though this may require Administrator privileges to run on Vista, Windows 7 or locked-down PCs. If run from a server or via Terminal Services you may not need to do anything else. You can also run the PLATOCODE Viewer directly from the Application Server. We would discuss and agree a mechanism with you during implementation.

Q: Where is the PLATOCODE Viewer installed?

A: It can be installed on the Coder's PC, run from a Server, or run using Citrix or Terminal Services.

Q: What are the minimum PC specifications for the PLATOCODE Viewer?

Processor: Minimum that the host OS supports.
RAM: Minimum that the host OS supports.
Hard Disk: 1.2GB
OS: Windows 95 and above.
Network: 100MB/s.

Q: How does the PLATOCODE Viewer access the Results Database?

A: It uses the standard ODBC driver for the database you select. Usually this is already available on the coder's PC.

Q: What is the PLATOCODE Viewer?

A: The PLATOCODE Viewer is a 32-bit application/dll used by coders to validate CAC Results as part of an existing coding process and return them to your other systems for billing. It is integrated between an existing billing/abstraction system and an existing 3rd party encoder.

Q: Do I need an ODBC DSN on each machine?

A: No. The system uses connection strings.

Q: Where are the connection string stored?

A: It's encrypted (a reply you'll hear often when speaking with PLATOCODE technical people!) and stored in a location you choose. We supply a configuration application to allow you to set the connection string.

Q: How does the PLATOCODE Viewer interact with other systems?

A: We supply "plugins" for the system to work with prevalent Abstractor and Encoder tools.

Q: What happens if the PLATOCODE Viewer can't access the Results Database? Can the coder still work?

A: Yes. Please contact us for a technical document about the PLATOCODE Viewer's failsafe features, including the ability to identify and report problems or unresponsive applications.