The Platocode company specializes in Clinical Coding

Since 1992 we've supplied patented, innovative solutions to help coding professionals shine.

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Codectomy empowers coders

The Codectomy coding workstation is packed with features to optimize code selection and sequencing.

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Get new coders up to speed quickly with the Training Edition

• Share real coding scenarios without extra databases or live data risk
• Trainee results and your edits and annotations are stored securely for revision and training

Use Coding Audit to validate your coding processes

• Harness all Codectomy features for Audit
• Option of live data or encrypted Audit file
• Edits and annotations are highlighted for review

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Computer-Assisted Coding

Platocode CAC returns reliable results via a unique patented method

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Lightning-fast AR-DRG Grouper

• IHPA-Accredited for 2020 and AR-DRG V10
• No complicated databases to deploy or update
• Install in minutes to group hundreds of events per second.

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Turbocharge your Business Intelligence activities

Detailed data analysis that isn't available in classical code sets.
• Identify possible cc/mcc that can make the most difference in any cohort
• Impress clinicians with data-based CDI (clinical documentation improvement) initiatives.


Platocode customers depend on coders for reimbursement
So Platocode apps leverage coding experience and skills for optimum results.

Whether it's a top expert providing consultancy and audit, or a trainee just starting their coding journey, the Platocode company has coders covered.

Platocode Solutions

Optimized for ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-AM.
A powerful desktop tool for coders, auditors and supervisors
Audit Edition
Special Codectomy edition with targeted features for expert Auditors
Training Edition
Special edition allowing trainee access to real life coding scenarios without live data risk
Computer-Assisted Coding (CAC)
Our CAC uses a patented binary pattern mechanism
AR-DRG Grouper
IHPA Accredited Australian refined DRG grouper with customizable input/output
Casemix & Reporting
Advanced data analysis features encompassing nontraditional derived data and Artificial Intelligence

Windows and Browser apps

Coders need speed, flexibility and accessibility.
That's why Platocode solutions were moved to the web in the late 1990s. However, latest releases include powerful Windows versions to make best use of multiple screens and fast modern PC hardware. Coders can expect a combination of unprecedented features and blazing performance when they use latest Platocode solutions.

AR-DRG Grouper



Browser PDC