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Options for Document Validation in the Worksheet
APPLICABLE TARGET: PLATO Typing Worksheet, United Kingdom and Australasia.

After a document has been validated by a typist it must then be cleaned up (the process that extracts the audit information from the document). This process can either be performed immediately by the PLATOAtlas servers when the document is validated or it can be performed manually (or scheduled) by running the DocumentCleanup.exe application in your Middle Tier.

The easiest way is to have the documents cleaned up by your PLATOAtlas servers on validation. However, this can tie up an instance of your PLATOAtlas server for several minutes (or more) if a user decides to validate a large numbers of documents at once.

There are various options controlling what happens to documents when a user validates them in the Worksheet. All of these options are set or changed by adding or editing settings in the [Worksheet] section of your SHARE.INI file in your Middle Tier.

The settings are detailed here:

If set to yes, then clean up will be performed by your PLATOAtlas servers immediately on validation. If set to No, then the clean up process MUST be scheduled to be run regularly by running the DocumentCleanup.exe application.

Has no effect if CleanupImmediately=Yes. If set to Yes, then validated documents are hidden from the typists worksheet. If set to No, then validated documents are shown in the typists worksheet (but the document icon appears as the validated symbol).

This setting allows you to control the maximum number of documents that a typist can validate in a single click. Usually you would only set this limit if your are using CleanupImmediately=Yes. This allows you to prevent large numbers of documents being validated at a time from tying up your PLATOAtlas servers. We would recommend that this is set to 10 or less. If a user attempts to validated more than this number of documents at one time they are presented with a message requesting that they only validated a maximum of nnnn documents at one time.

Note: This does not prevent a user from validating as many documents as they wish, only how many documents can be "ticked" by a user when they click the "Validate" button at the top of the worksheet. A user can still select nnnn documents, click the Validate button and repeat the process as many times as they like.

This setting defines whether or not to display the "You have nnn old entry in your worksheet. Unvalidated work does not appear in Audit and makes your worksheet run slower." message appearing when the user first enters the worksheet each day (if they have large amounts of unvalidated work). This doesn't affect the validation process; it is simply a prompt to ensure that typists validate regularly.

After changing any of the above settings, you should unload your PLATOAtlas servers using the ADMIN.ASP page.